Jogging Stroller Buying Guide


In addition to the reviews of each stroller we thought it might be an idea to present an overall guide of what to look for in a jogging stroller depending on how you want to use it and the different types on offer.


There are 2 types of strollers for single and double strollers and they are fixed wheel and swivel wheel. These relate to how the front wheel is connected to the frame and each carries advantages over the other in certain situations.

Fixed wheel strollerFixed wheel – Fixed wheel strollers have the front wheel fixed to the frame. This means the direction is always forward with a slight deviation for turning corners. The benefits of this stroller is when it comes to exercise as you need the safety of a fixed wheel especially for those who run long distances. If you’re considering a 2nd stroller just for running then a fixed wheel is the stroller if choice. The disadvantage of the fixed wheel is it’s poor at making tight turns. Therefore malls and tight spaces are not a good experience with these strollers.
Swivel wheel strollerSwivel wheel – The front wheel is attached to the frame on a pivot allowing the stroller to swivel 360 degrees. This makes navigating tight spaces easy and maneuvering around malls and the like easy. The wheels tend to be smaller than fixed wheels as they have to rest under the frame to pivot. They can lock forward for jogging making them versatile for people who want to run as well as use the stroller everyday. This makes them less ideal for long distance running. If you take your running seriously then go for a fixed wheel stroller.
Wheel size

When it comes to wheel size generally the bigger wheels are found on fixed wheel jogging strollers and these are designed with running in mind. The bigger the wheel the better in this regard. However consider the tread of the tire as there is a fixed wheel stroller that’s better over rough terrain than the others due to it’s knobbly tire tread. The smaller wheels are found on swivel wheel strollers with the smallest us unsuitable for exercising with.

20″ – Running and jogging long distances – only fixed wheel
16″ – Running and jogging all terrains – only fixed wheel
12″ – Jogging all terrains – fixed or swivel wheel
10″ – Light jogging or power walking – only swivel wheel
6″ to 8″ – Walking – only swivel wheel

Jogging strollers will tend to be slightly heavier than a regular stroller especially umbrella strollers. Consider who’ll be using the stroller most when it comes to weight. The most convenient stroller where weight is concerned are those where you can hold your baby in one hand and carry the stroller in the other to put in a trunk. We’ve listed the range of weights below, often the heavier strollers are usually the fixed wheel running variety or the expensive luxury models.

16 to 25 lbs – Single jogging strollers
26 to 38 lbs – Double jogging strollers
45 to 50 lbs – Triple jogging strollers

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