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questions for couples1Maintaining a constructive and sound attitude toward love is paramount to succeeding in marriage better if you use questions for couples. These understandings are sometimes difficult to grasp for people in Westernized cultures due to the fictions they have been brought up with, be they derived from television, movies or other influences. Many people base their marriages on a combination of the following:

1. The romantic and adventurous appeal of marriage
2. How much their partner reminds them of another person whom they loved previously 3. A strong urge to escape from an unhappy life situation
4. Consolation for disappointment or failure
5. Fear of living alone or being the last one among their friends to get married
6. Sexual attraction
7. Other minor points of attraction

These forms of love are neither false nor fictitious. They are often strong enough in their intensity to make the affected persons convinced of their certainty. Some items, such as #1, #6 and #7, do have a proper place in sound marriages. The problem lies in the superficiality of these attractions. By themselves or in combination, they are not strong enough to resist the weight of the trials presented by a permanent marriage. Their deceptive qualities are most effective on those who already believe that “love is all you need” in order to choose a suitable mate.

These shallow and ephemeral attractions are not sufficient to make a successful marriage. The deep, rich kind of love that is necessary for the longevity of the marriage union can be achieved through sharing interests, values, ideals, goals and worthy purposes. Having children is perhaps the most common and certainly the strongest among these shared goals. If you and your partner are able to find and establish these sounder bases for love, you may confidently expect the romance, glow and thrill of your relationship to increase over time. The continuing maturing and development of an intimate relationship is the greatest joy that marriage can offer. All of life’s experiences and meanings will find expression through your marriage if the love you share is deep, rich and true.

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